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Conferendum Conference Portal

With the Conferendum Conference Portal you get a full conference portal with which you can manage the entire conferencing activity of your organization in one single portal. A few of the many features that this product offers is the listing of all running conferences, conference recording and archiving, quick start of new conferences as well as user administration via a simple Excel spread sheet.

User administration

Without any programming knowledge you can manage the users of your portal by using a simple Excel spread sheet. It is very easy to create a new user, delete users or change rights for existing users. You can define which users can run conferences themselves and who gets administrator rights.

Join a conference

The participants can log on directly to the portal with their own login and password. All current meetings are displayed in one central conference listing. The participants join a conference with a single click on the conference link or start a meeting if they have the rights to do so.

In addition to the process of starting a conference within the conference portal you can also start conferences using the e-mail invitation-service and the Outlook Plug-in. A conference you started via the e-mail invitation system is also listed in the conference portal. The participants can join the conference either via the conference portal or via the e-mail link they received. The Conferendum Conference Portal offers a very flexible solution which makes organising web-conferences really easy.

Adapt Conferendum to your design requirements

You can adapt Conferendum perfectly to the design of your website by changing background colors, color gradients, text colors as well as logos and other design elements. The Conferendum Designer helps you to personalize the Conferendum Application. The Conferendum Designer is a small program that allows you to change the design of the application and see the results immediately in a preview window.

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