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  • Create a market place for online trainings and seminars on your forum
  • Get a 20% revenue share
  • No changes on your side, no investment, no fees, no risk
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A market place for online classes on your forum creates real value for the members of your community. An expert of your forum can provide his knowledge in an online live discussion or conduct a lecture with up to 1000 participants either as:

  • a non-profit event (no income for the trainer, participants pay only 1 cent/min
  • an event to monetize knowledge at a price set by the trainer

If you are running a forum, a discussion board, a blog or any other platform on the internet you can register for a partnership with Conferendum and receive a 20% revenue share.

All you have to do is:

  • Provide an area on your forum (e.g. a new topic) where users can post their offerings for online trainings via a simple registration-link and a short description of the seminar
  • Promote Conferendum to the members of your community at your discretion

How does it work?:

Conferendum tracks every online event that has been joined by a participant via your forum and credits 20% of the generated service fee to your account. This equals to 5% of the total revenues generated between the teacher and the participant. Once a month you receive your accumulated revenue share to your PayPal account.

Conferendum provides the seminar system which includes VOIP, PowerPoint presentations, screen sharing and other features as well as the whole invoicing and payment process. The conferences are hosted on our own servers.

You don’t need to do any technical changes on your system. You don’t need any additional bandwidth or server capacity and there are not cost or set-up fees whatsoever.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. e-mail:

Conferendum Partner:
  • No cost
  • No changes to your system
  • No risk
  • 20% revenue share
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