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Conferendum Intranet Server

You are running your own intranet where the employees of your organization can log-on with a login and a password? You want to fully integrate a professional conferencing system into your intranet? Then the Conferendum Intranet Server is the right product for you.

Interface to your intranet

Thanks to the Conferendum interface (API) the intranet administrator can easily integrate Conferendum in the intranet of your organization. The administrator can define which users are allowed to start conferences and which users can only join conferences. If the users have their profile picture already on the intranet, Conferendum can migrate them to the conference room automatically. If the intranet does not manage user profile pictures Conferendum can take care of it. Once the user is logged-on to the intranet of your organization he can join a conference with a single click on the conference link. The user does not need a Conferendum login or password.

Run conferences within the intranet

For a very easy integration, the process of starting and joining conferences can be managed by the integrated Conferendum Conference Portal. If the administrator wants to go for a deeper integration he can also build an own listing of running and archived conferences or he can paste conference links on the welcome page to promote special events, just to name a few possibilities. The entire design and configuration of the Conferendum implementation within the intranet can be controlled by the administrator.

Integration templates

In order to simplify the integration even further, Conferendum provides integration templates for several programming languages (PHP, ColdFusion, C# .Net, Java). Templates for other programming languages can be provided upon request. Using an integration template makes the integration very simple. You don’t have to worry about server capacity as your intranet only manages the processes such as starting, joining or recording a conference, while the conference itself is hosted on a Conferendum server. If you wish to run Conferendum entirely on your own server (Conferences are no longer hosted on a Conferendum Server) you can upgrade any time to the Conferendum Enterprise Server.

Send invitations via e-mail or Outlook Plug-in

In addition to the process of starting a conference within the intranet, a user can also start a conference using the e-mail invitation-service or the Outlook Plug-in If your conference was started via the e-mail invitation-system it will also be listed in the conference portal within your intranet. The participants can join the conference either via the conference portal or via the e-mail link. The Conferendum Intranet Server offers a very flexible solution which makes organizing web-conferences really easy

Phone dial-in controlled by the intranet

As on option you can also control the creation of the conference keys for the phone-dial in solution. You can assign customized conference keys which will then be directed automatically to the correct conference room. You can choose a customized dial-in number from 45 countries and over 5000 cities.

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