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Voice & Communication:

  • VOIP (Audio via headset)
  • Local phone dial-in for over 30 countries
  • Use VOIP and phone dial-in mixed within the same conference
  • Automatic microphone leveling, noise filter and echo cancellation
  • Text chat
  • Quick poll (you can also answer on the phone)
  • Survey editor (create your own survey with multiple choice and text field questions ) - save results as a PDF file
  • Play mp3 files
  • Translation rooms for simultaneous translation (translate conferences in up to 50 languages at the same time)


  • Present PowerPoint slides
  • Present documents (Word, PDF, Excel, Open Office and picture formats)
  • Make annotations on documents, highlight certain areas or zoom-in on a specific area
  • Screen and application sharing
  • Several participants can work on the same document (Shared-Screen-Sharing)
  • Take remote control of a participant’s computer


  • All features work on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Browser based (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
  • No software-installation necessary (not even for screen sharing)
  • Encrypted data transfer (AES 128 Bit Standard)

Payment System:

  • Integrated payment system with pre-paid account for participants
  • Participants can upload fund to their account via PayPal
  • Individual pricing for each online-class
  • Pricing per minute or per event
  • Supports EUR and USD
Online Trainers:
  • No costs at all
  • Integrated payment system
  • Keep 75% of your revenues
  • Easy to use

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Partners e.g. forums
  • No costs
  • No changes to your system
  • No risk
  • 20% revenue share

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