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FAQs for Trainers

How can I set the price for my online-class?

What are the costs for using Conferendum?

How is the service fee calculated?

How do I get my money?

What is a non-profit event?

How does the billing works with different currencies?

What is a refund request?

How do I set up an online training?

How do I start the online training session?

FAQs for Partners

How does the partnership program work?

Are there any costs for the Conferendum Partnership Program?

What do I need to change on my forum?

How do I get my revenue share?

FAQs for Participants

How can I sign-up for an online training?

How does the payment work?

How can I upload funds to my Conferendum pre-paid account?

How can I request a refund from the trainer?

How can I get the remaining funds back from my Conferendum account?

General technical FAQs

System requirements?

Is Conferendum secure?

Do I have to install Conferendum?

How can I manage speaking rights within a conference?

What happens if my internet connection is interrupted?

How can I present documents?

How does screen sharing work?

How can I run conferences in several languages?

How can I run a survey in a meeting?

How can I send text chat messages in a Conferendum Meeting?

How can I join a Conferendum Meeting using a standard phone dial-in?

How can I send a file to all participants in a Conferendum meeting?

What is “Full screen” and “maximize display”?

In which languages is Conferendum available?

When I start a meeting a warning message pops-up?

Which ports uses Conferendum?

FAQ categories:

FAQs for Trainers

Click here if you need more information about running your own online classes.

FAQs for Partners

Click here to find out more about the partnership program.

FAQs for Participants

Click here to find out more about participating in an online class.

General technical FAQs

Click for all technical FAQs.