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With Conferendum everybody can easily run chargeable online-classes, trainings, seminars or tutorials via the Conferendum Web Conferencing software without any cost.

  • Give one-to-one lessons or run seminars with up to 1000 participants
  • No long term expensive contracts, no monthly or set-up fees
  • Conferendum takes care of the entire process, including collecting the fees from your participants via a pre-paid payment system
  • Every time you run a training your account gets credited with 75% of the revenues while Conferendum keeps a 25% service fee
  • You can focus on delivering great online classes, Conferendum takes care of the rest
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Charge for your online training:

As a trainer you can set-up an online event and specify the price for the class yourself either on a per minute basis or on a per event basis.

Charge per minute:

A participant pays only for the time he or she stays in the conference. The participant can leave the event at any time.

You can specify any price for your seminar between 0.01 and 0.50 Dollar (€) per minute and participant.

Charge per event:

A participant pays a onetime fee for your lecture. You can specify the price for your seminar in the range between 1.00 and 30.00 Dollar (€) per participant.

Service fee:

Conferendum credits your account with 75% of the revenues generated between you and the participants of your training and keeps 25% of those revenues as a service fee. The minimum service fee is 0.01 Dollar (€) per minute and participant or 1.00 Dollar (€) per event and participant.

Non-profit events:

If you just want to offer your expertise without the intention of generating profits from it, you can run a non-profit event. For a non-profit event you can set the price for your lecture at the minimum of 0.01 Dollar (€) per minute or 1.00 Dollar (€) per event. In this case the participants only pay the minimum fee of 0.01 Dollar (€) per minute or 1.00 Dollar (€) per event. As this price only covers the minimum service fee no revenues are credited to the trainers account.

Pre-paid payment system for participants:

A participant can register for your online class via the event registration link. He can upload funds to his pre-paid Conferendum account via PayPal. If the credit on his account is insufficient, the participant cannot join the event.

Promote your event:

When you set-up an online event you receive an event registration link. Participants can sign up for your lecture by clicking on this link. It is now up to you to promote your online lecture. You can send the link via e-mail, post it on your website, on a blog in a forum or promote it in any other way.


When you sign up for Conferendum you have to decide in which currency you want to run your account with Conferendum. You can choose between US Dollar and Euro. You cannot change the currency later on. When you decide on a currency you will receive all payments in that currency.

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For forum owners:

Create a market place for online classes on your forum und get a revenue share.

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